Awesome Uno…

You know there are those moments that you just never want to forget, ones that you either killed yourself laughing or died of embarrassment (why are those statements so deadly?!).  Anyway, we recently thought about a couple of moments that happened early on in our married life that I never ever want to forget.

Seth’s awesome Uno joined us in matrimony.  It was there for richer or for poorer and through those first couple of hectic months when we just couldn’t afford to look after it the way we should.  I think it was in these months that our car decided we needed to give it more attention and thus gave us more attention on the road – besides just for it’s pimping good looks that Seth so lovingly installed (much more detail in How Mom Met Dad).

One day we were driving to work in some really heavy traffic (obviously this was because we couldn’t get up in the morning and only left the flat at 7.45 in the peak traffic), there were cars and even pedestrians everywhere.  Still trying to wake up properly we were just chilling in our “air-conditioned” car without a radio on a cold winter morning.  Seth was driving so the details of how it all happened are a bit fuzzy, all I remember is that we were on Milner Road in bumper to bumper traffic.  As we turned  the corner the hooter starts going off, loud and continuously!  I got the fright of my life.  Everyone turned to stare at us, in our shock we jokingly pretended to be hooting at a pedestrian.  It turned out that this happened any time you turned the steering wheel and it took us a couple of weeks to sort it out – we eventually disconnected the hooter!

As if having a malfunctioning hooter wasn’t enough, the Uno then decided that it was going to get Ghetto on us.  We were driving up Sir Alfred Avenue, again with a fairly large group of people walking down the road.  All of a sudden the car started rocking backwards and forwards or up and down even though it kept moving forward (I’m not quite sure how to properly explain it but it look something like a pimped out car in a gangster rap music video in the 90’s – just a little bit faster and less on purpose).  It was shaking so much that our cheeks were shaking…  I can only imagine how absolutely ridiculous we must have looked.  If they thought we had installed this feature on purpose they must have wondered why the heck we would have done that to a Uno Fire 1100 and if they thought our car was acting up, well, we did look ridiculous…

When we eventually decided to part ways in 2008 it was a very sad day.  I think I may even have cried…  Leaving it all alone, on a dark road, with a stranger…

2 thoughts on “Awesome Uno…

  1. I laughed so hard now, that Leah got a fright (she’s on my chest)!! Thanks for this post, very entertaining! Please remember some more funny stories and share!! 😉 xx

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