Kirsty’s Birthday and Mother’s Day Celebrations at Clay Cafe

I’ve been looking through my photo’s and I realised I never blogged about the awesomeness that is Clay Cafe!  It was Romy that first introduced it to me by sending me the link to the website, and Kirsty who made it a reality by having her birthday party there this year.

First we celebrated the lovely Kirsty’s birthday with yummy cake and coffee.

Then we had to go and choose an item from inside, as well as any stencils or stickers etc that we wanted to use.  It is a very difficult decision to make, do you take a big item and risk the chance of having a huge eyesore that you would never use, or do you play it safe with a small item that you can hide away…

Then after brief explanation of how it works we got down to business.  FYI – stickers and wax crayon burn off in the oven leaving white behind and make sure you apply enough layers to make sure that your colour is consistent, but that may just be the perfectionist in me talking.

It was a really great time filled with conversation and laughs – a perfect time out with your besties.  When we were done we placed all our masterpieces together to take it all in.

If you’re wondering what I did, it was a bowl…

I enjoyed it so much that I took my Mom to have a Mother – Daughter day for Mother’s Day.  It was awesome to just get away and have a moment to reconnect, reflect and be creative, while chatting away with my special Momsy.  I really recommend it.  This is her awesomeness:

We both made a mug each with the date, so we could remember this for long in the future.

This is my mug:

And this is my bowl:

Once the girls are old enough to not break the entire shop, never mind their own item, I am going to take them to make their own special plate that we can use for meal times… I can’t wait!!!

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