Rethinking This Whole Mom Business…

Sometimes I wonder when this “Super Mom” thing will kick in, you know…  That thing that every other Mom has except for me.  The thing that enables you to change nappies, feed children, clean up messes, do mountains of washing, cook healthy delicious suppers, look good, spend quality time with your husband and go to work every day while feeling like the half sucked on Fling bonding with my jeans (yes, I am not joking about the Fling).

I also wonder what happened to the time I used to have to blog, to read, to just sit with a nice warm cup of tea without having to warm it up once first (who am I kidding – I just drink it cold), or even to sleep.  Sometimes it brings me to the point of wanting to slap people around the head when they complain that they are so tired because they went to bed late, or their mom (who does everything for them) woke them up too early from their sleep-in on a Saturday morning.  Are you serious?!

People kept telling me that the older they get the easier it will be…  Ja right.  I don’t know who you were speaking to, but clearly our kids didn’t get the memo.  I think that the little baby phase was the easiest, although you have to get up at night, you at least know it’s for a feed and that you can do that and then go off to sleep for a couple of hours and the hit the repeat button (feed, burp, sleep) – your body kind of gets used to that (if you are a new Mommy I know you don’t believe me, but just wait).  They get older.  They start crawling, which leads to access to dangerous things (put Riya in a padded room and she will find a way to remove the padding from the walls and make it hazardous to her health).  They start putting the smallest (and sometimes most deathly or the grossest) things into their mouths.  They start walking, which leads (inevitably) to falling and lots of tears.  Not to mention the temper tantrums, learning the word no, smacking, vomiting and other memorable happenings.  Nevermind that the myth “they will sleep through” hardly ever turns into a reality – I want to laugh in the face of people that say that, while crying in self pity.

Recently both Kyla and Riya had colds or flu or something.  We went through a tough couple of weeks where Kyla refused to sleep until she finally passed out at 10pm, only to have Riya wake up screaming with nothing that seemed to soothe her.  We alternated having them in bed because having them in the bed together made the one kick the other one in the head.  Needless to say it was a sleepless time in our lives.  It really tested our patience and a couple of times in the middle of the night, it made me wonder why the heck I was doing this.  Where was the “Get Out Of Mommyhood Free Card”?

Then Kyla grabs my face with both hands and gives me a big wet kiss.  Or Riya walks to me with outstretched arms and the hugest, cutest grin on her face.  Or I watch them hold each others hand while they sit next to each other in their cars seats.

I realise then that I am doing this for them, because I love them and their unique traits and personalities.  It is my job to give them a loving Godly home where they can be nurtured and cared for.  Where, with God’s help we can help them develop into the people that they want to be, mature, grounded and Lord willing, saved women who love Jesus.

There will always be those days where it feels like you just can’t do this anymore and I have learned that this is when you need to get on your knees and ask the Lord for the patience that has evaded you, the love the He has for us and the sanity to always remember that.

And if all else fails, I believe that that is why God gave us husbands…

6 thoughts on “Rethinking This Whole Mom Business…

  1. I hear you sister! There are days that I long for an office job, just to get some free time… time to “relax”… Never thought I’d say that! But then I realise that there is a reason God gave me Elijah, and gave me the blessing of being home with him. Its just sometimes hard to remember it! And he’s only 6 months old… albeit a VERY high-maintenance kiddo! Lord, let the teen years be a breeze….

  2. Love this post! and believe me when I say that people look at you and think you ARE SuperMom!

    Even with sleep deprivation or vomited-on clothes you make Mommyhood look good!

    Just saying 🙂

  3. Ditto to what Kitty said! Cindy looking at you again on Sunday with both your girls I sat there in awe and amazement at what an awesome supermommy you are and that I hope I can be half as good as you with ONE child! You really do make it look like a breeze and like I said to you on Sunday, you never complain and I really admire that about you!! Love you lots and thanks for this post, another great honest one!! xx

  4. I need to “third” Kirsty and Zoe’s comments, you do look like SuperMommy! Being a fab mom to 2 girls under 2 that takes alot! You have my respect and awe!

  5. Cindy, I am one of those people Kitty is refering to… 🙂 Just the other day I was wallowing in my no-kiddo sorrow (woe is me) and I told Kitty how I struggle not to be jealous of your awesome life with 2 BEAUTIFUL girls!

    You are a fantastic mom – your kids are well-dressed and super cute and a real credit to you and Seth as parents. Thanks for this post – I love your honesty, and one day, when the Lord hopefully blesses me with a kiddo of my own I will seek support for you, Kitty and Zoe knowing that you have all had tough times as mamas 😉

  6. That is such a funny post!
    The truth about motherhood is that it is impossible to explain these contradictory feelings. My kids manage to get the worst out of me and the best as well. My fondest memories are with my kids, my most embarrassing memories are with my kids, my most nostalgic memories are with my kids, my happiest, my saddest, my worst…. you get the picture!!
    I think God chose kids as the most useful tools to refine us and to encourage us to evangelise (nothing else but the Lord will save them and me!!!!)
    I think you’re a very good mum just because you realise that raising kids is flippin’ hard and yet the most rewarding job!
    Keep it real, stay on your knees and thank the Lord for Seth indeed 🙂

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