Abstract, Very Abstract

So this post is almost a whole year delayed, mostly due to the arrival of Riya and all my spare time evaporating.  But I thought with Kyla’s 2nd birthday imminent, I should probably post this before then.  In any case, last year July Kyla turned 1.  We had been pondering how to create a special tradition that is practical as well as special and decided on this.

On the kids’ first birthdays they would paint a picture…  Obviously it won’t be of anything specific, but I like abstract art.  So we let Kyla loose on a white canvas with red, yellow, green and blue finger paint.

We really did not help at all, except to keep her from licking the paint off her fingers, which she tried to do about 20 times and successfully accomplished about 3 times.

I think it looks pretty sweet.  It’s hanging up in our lounge, ready for its partner to arrive this July – where we will be unleashing Riya on her poor canvas and where I have no doubt that she will successfully eat half the paint…

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