Spontaneous Trip To Camps Bay Beach

“Spontaneous” is not a word that is used to describe me, although looking at it now and saying it over and over in my head makes me wonder if it’s a word that one should use to describe anything!?  It’s such a weird word.  Nevertheless we “spontaneously” took a trip to Camp’s Bay a couple of weeks back when the weather was more pleasurable.

We were on our way home from somewhere (that I can’t remember – I don’t even know if it was a Saturday or a Sunday) and Seth wanted to go to the beach.  In my head I already started thinking up excuses why this would be a bad idea, but fought the urge to say them aloud.

We made a short stop at home to ensure that we were appropriately kitted out and drove to the suburb that I will never be able to live in.  Once at the beach we located a spot close to the water and set up our new residence…  I think we took up a quarter of the beach!

Once set up, Kyla got started digging the sand and Riya got stuck into eating it!!

Then the tide started to come in, so we thought we would stroll up to Sinfull and get some heavenly ice cream (contradiction much)….  Kyla refused to put her clothes back on, but let me put on her shoes.  She then proceeded to walk around with her hat, Little Mermaid bather and purple takkies on Camps Bay Main Road…  As you can imagine we got mixed reactions from the locals…

When we finally got to Sinfull (we had gone all the way down the wrong end of the Road) we got some ice cream to go.  I had to get an extra spoon for La-La to eat most of my ice cream for me.

Now to put it into perspective, we don’t give the girls much sweet stuff, so this was a real treat and we had to rush home cos we needed to feed Riya and had neglected to include food for her in our pit stop home.  We therefore ate our ice cream while walking back to the car.

Each time I gave her a spoonful she would stop, stare at it and then put it in her mouth and dance (which she does when she eats something she enjoys).  After every bit was devoured off the spoon I heard a “Mum, Mum, Mummy, Mum, Mummy, Mum” and knew it was time for the next spoon. It took forever to get the chocolate covered Kyla to the car, but so worth seeing how much she enjoyed it.  This is how she looked walking around – sans the hat.

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