4 Year Anniversary Celebrations…

Having our wedding on Human Right’s Day 4 years ago really has it’s perks – a guaranteed holiday every year!  Plus we get to really enjoy our true Human Rights – during Apartheid Seth and I would never have been able to be married – I only realised this recently.  Anyway, every year we try to go and stay over for at least one night in an area that we haven’t been before.  This year we chose Pringle Bay because it was nice and close by.

We dropped the girls off at about 9 at Seth’s parents.  I just want to take a moment here to say a special thank you to them for how much they love us and their grandchildren and that they were so willing to give up a bit of their weekend to give us a break!  I love you both so much – we really and truly appreciate it.

Once the girls were in safe hands we started our road trip.  Obviously we could only check in at around 2 so we took our time – stopping at the Wimpy for breakfast, although it turned out to be more of a unsatisfying lunch.  Looking at it now – it looks as gross as it tasted! I’m never having Wimpy steak ever again! And what was that on my burger anyway? My stomach still wants to know. Didn’t we take pictures of the awesome restaurant we went to for supper? That was just amazing as well (sarcasm!) Thinking of it, I think the red stuff followed us there, cos the same stuff was on my pasta.

When we got to Pringle Bay we literally drove right through it thinking that there just has to be more to it.  There wasn’t!  Actually we were looking for the beach that we had passed on our way in but hadn’t noted…  Pringle Bay was just perfect for what we came to do – which is a whole bunch of nothing. I didn’t want to stop for directions, cos I have man GPS.

Kirsty and Leights mentioned Hannah’s View as an option to go to and after checking out the website we thought why not.  Let me just tell you that the website does not do it full justice.  We absolutely loved the place!!  Besides the beautiful decor and peaceful surroundings, the little things just made it really great – how nice it smelled when we walked into the room, the complimentary wine and choccies and the perfume in the room. Another awesome thing – Every room in the house had a bottle of sherry and some glasses, which we found out afterward was on the house. Should have had more than we did – DARN!

My photo’s don’t really give the right perspective either, but it’s really worth checking out!!  We were the only one’s there so we had the pick of the rooms and the whole place to ourselves = perfection. The incense/potpourri stuff must have fallen from heaven! It felt like relaxation, awesomness and love all engulfed my nasil passages and massaged my brain. As soon as we got into the room we just sat still to take in all the awesomeness. It might just have been the silence and complete absence of responsibility, but darn it, it was gooood!

I really liked the garden. Since gardening is my latest obsession I could appreciate the time and effort it took to get this garden looking so freaking awesome. I didn’t even mind the gigantic lizards. For those who don’t know, I have a very manly fear of lizards and geckos. Apparently it’s called Herpetophobia.

One of the best things about the stay was the fantastic breakfast!  We literally rolled out of there!! I literally puked in my mouth when settling the bill, but only cos I ate way too much.

Enough about the awesome venue, this holiday was great because of the moments we shared together.  Like sitting on the balcony with a good cup of coffee debating which side south was…  Then laughing cos (for some reason that I still can’t understand) Seth thought that the sun would set in front of the mountains and into the sea.  I killed myself laughing at that!! I didn’t see the mountains okay! Whats up with the pic at the bottom left – It’s like a before and after. This place was like chewing a handful of rescue remedy’s.

We also went for a nice long stroll on the beach, seeing lots of jellyfish and brains (I swear it was a brain – check that thing out!!!).  On the one end there was also a whole trope of baboons!  They really own the town, we saw them everywhere!

All in all it was a fantastic time away for us to reconnect without anyone else to worry about or take our attention.  A chance to remember things that we just take for granted in our daily routines.  It’s actually so important to make time for this as parents, and even just as married couples.  I really could not have had a better time – even without the possibility to shop! Cindy however managed to find the tiniest most expensive shop in existence and bought their most expensive bag to settle her craving.

When we went back to fetch the girls, I felt like we were hardly acknowledged – like they didn’t care that we were gone.  In hindsight I think they just didn’t know how to express it then.  However, when I was putting Ri to sleep that night she was holding on tight to me and waking herself up every time she fell asleep to make sure that I was still there.  As I was putting Ri to sleep, Seth got Kyla down only for her to wake up.  Unusually she just stayed chilling peacefully in her cot.  As soon as I got Ri in her cot LaLa was standing with her arms wide open for me to take her out, only to want to be cuddled to sleep (totally and completely unlike her).  Nice to know that I was actually missed!!  Even now (3 days later)  I can still notice that they are a bit more clingy than usual.

It was a great time that I will never forget!  I love you Seth! I LOVE YOU TOO! – We going to make the readers puke in their mouths with all this emotional stuff. But really I love you and I loved this time with you.

3 thoughts on “4 Year Anniversary Celebrations…

  1. sounds lovely… but yes, too soppy for you Cinderella!! Maybe Chris and I should go away too for our anniversary. Our boy is clingy as it is though. We should start saving…

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