Vintage Collection…

When my Mom told me that she was keeping some of my clothes for my girls to wear one day – I thought she was crazy!  Now, weirdly enough, I do enjoy seeing them in things that used to be mine.  It has actually come as quite a shock to me that I am so sentimental (cos usually I’m not really like that…).

Anyway, here is the evidence!  I tried to find a pic with me in the dress, but alas it is in a photo album that I am too lazy to scan in!

Her face in the bottom left picture (in both sets of pics – above and below) is due to the fact that Teletubbies was coming on!!

One thought on “Vintage Collection…

  1. I have a dresses my Mom smocked for me, I´m just waiting till they will fit Jacey. It´s really cool to see them in the dresses coz it gives us a glimpse of what we looked like at that age 🙂

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