Joshua Turns 10!!

I absolutely love Seth’s family, so I truly enjoy the family functions and the memories that are created there!  This time the function was for Josh turning the big 1 0!  It’s crazy to think he was only just older than Kyla by 6 months when I first met him!

This was Kyla and Riya’s first “big girl” party – where all the kids were so much older.

This Riya being adorable

Then there’s Kyla being adorable…

Kyla showing us all how she “jumps” – she kinda hops, but never really leaves the ground, despite all the effort put into the spring action and arms in the air…

Kyla has also found a new best friend in Jenna, who plays with her so beautifully.  I love watching them interact, as Kyla still isn’t talking, it can be very funny!!!

Pictures with the birthday boy!  I love how he’s laughing in the bottom left one!

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