Pizza Wraps…

So Kirsty posted this awesome idea on FB, and ever since she posted it I couldn’t get it out my mind.  I love pizza, so anything to make it healthier works for me.

Basically you use a wrap as the base for the pizza then you can put on whatever topping you like.  I dry fried them in a pan first, then when mostly crispy (or slightly burnt – whichever came first) I took it off and put some tomato paste, red onions, mushrooms, ham, garlic and tussers cheese as well as some seasoning.  Popped it into an oven for about 20 minutes or until the cheese was bubbling.  My oven might be as old as I am, so it took longer to cook, but it was worth the wait – very yummy (although maybe it’s cos almost everything tastes great when you’re hungry).

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