The House-Cleaning Fairy

Don’t we all wish that House-Cleaning Fairies really existed!  How often I’ve gone to sleep wishing that a fairy would sort it out and I’d wake up to a clean house.  Recently this has kind of happened….  Enter Kyla Fairy-Bell…

Lala has always been very clean.  When she was younger (and still now) she won’t concentrate if food has spilled on her or the floor – she will point at it until you clean it up.  If her hands are dirty, she will often come up to me and rub it on my top, never her own, always mine – I wonder if she’s trying to make a point!  Plus she is a machine with a wet wipe – finding the spots you thought were cleaned, ending with a filthy brown wipe which she uses to wash her face if we don’t get to her in time.

She also has a knack for finding the smallest piece of dirt on the floor, luckily she has stopped putting it in her mouth.  The other day we were at Ga’s house (short for GrandMaMa) sitting outside.  I was eating a pie and had scrunched the packet into a ball and placed it next to me with the intention of throwing it away when I next got up.  Kyla came over and took it, then dissappeared into the house.  I followed her into the house and then into the kitchen.  She then went to the bin and put it in – all on her own!!!  Long may it last!!

Recently she has been fascinated with me doing the washing and the washing machine in general (she opens the door and says “Elo”).  The other day (coincidently dressed like a “fairy”) she helped me do the washing.  Then there’s some pics of her with her wet wipe (even trying to clean the camera)…

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