Officially Over The Hill – Seth turns 26!!

It was inevitable, one day my young, gorgeous hunk would get old…  Yes, the downward spiral occurs just after your 25th birthday.  Everyday thereafter you are in your LATE 20’s and moving swiftly on your way to the 30’s…  I may as well start investing in a good walker or false teeth…

Lame jokes aside, it seemed as though Seth had a good day.  Times are tough with 2 kids so we kept the festivities to a minimum, celebrating with his Dad (who shares his birthday) and the rest of the extended family on the Friday evening.  We then slept over and went for breakfast at Rhodes on Saturday morning.  There was a bit of a strong breeze (that carried some stench seeping out of some sewer somewhere).  All in all I think Kyla may have had more fun in the play park than Seth did all day.

Please Take Note Of The Glasses

Then we went to pop in at our friends Chris and Cheryl, who welcomed Cameron Parker into the world just 30 minutes before Seth’s birthday.  Funnily enough, they had the same bed that we had at Vincent Pallotti that we had for both girls.

Then came Sunday where we celebrated Shane’s (my brother) birthday with a small family lunch.  I tried 2 new recipes and it was quite delish.  Fillet steak is me new favourite thing, pity it’s so darn expensive.

Then Zoe and Corne came over for a spot of coffee, and as they were leaving, we welcomed the Paton family into our home.  It was so great to see Kyla actually communicating with someone her age(ish) and being a kid.  At one point they disappeared, only to find Kyla showing Giorgia her bicycle in sign language and moans (as we still don’t have a talker)…  They watched a bit of TV and then went to bed.

At the risk of being all emotional, I just want to say again how much I love you Seth and how wonderful you are to me and your girls.  Thanks for being so concerned about our marriage and family life and doing all you can and more to make it work.  I don’t ever want to take you for granted.

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