Cup Cakes / Plain Cake Recipe

Wow, so the recent posts don’t really conform to my ode to being and eating healthy, but at least it’s just posts and I haven’t actually made all of these recently…

I used this recipe for Kyla’s 1st birthday cake and cup cakes, I find them a bit dry but other people seem to like it, so hey, that’s fine by me.


* 8 oz Marg

*4 Large Eggs

* 1 Cup Sugar

* 2 Cups Self Raising Flour

Cream butter and sugar until soft and light.  Whisk eggs well and gradually beat into the mixture,  lastly fold in the sieved flour.  Should be soft consistency.  If necessary add a very little water.  Put into the greased and floured tin and bake 180 for approx 20 mins.


*  Make cupcakes (same recipe) just add Cadburys chocolate cut into them.
* Chocolate –  Put 2 Tablespoons cocoa into cup and then fill with flour
* Coffee – Put 5 teaspoons added to flour

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