We All Gotta Eat

I’m not the best cook, I’m not even a particularly good cook but I love to entertain by having people over.  You’d probably never say (as we have probs never had you over) and that’s because I am a very shy cook (and maybe also because we don’t actually know you that well and you might be a stalker).  But this year that is all going to change.  I want to brush up on my cooking ability and like we all know (by playing Sims) is the best way to do that is with practise!

My goal for this year is to be more organised and to actually put thought and effort into cooking and what I cook.  Also, I keep losing good recipes, so this way I’ll never lose them.  Now more than ever we need to be healthy, not only for our sake but that of our precious kiddies!

So if I manage to do something good that actually works out, I’ll post the recipe and maybe a photo too.

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