Christmas 2010

Christmas came slightly early with Mia arriving the night before.  We stayed over at Seth’s parents so that we could all be there when Mia arrived and to open presents together in the morning:

For the first time ever, we didn’t actually go to church on Christmas day, it was so flipping weird.  I wish I could say that we spent the morning together in thanksgiving and prayer, however Kyla was completely over-stimulated by the mornings events and she was crying and moaning at everything.  We spent the morning getting ready and trying to calm her down instead.

Then everyone arrived (Aunty Neva, Uncle Gordon, Brandon, Aunty Linda, Aunty Joyce, Donny, Sam, Jenna, Joshua, Mom, Dad, Shane, not to mention Mom, Dad, Mia, Ben, Romy, Ma, Seth, Kyla, Riya and I)…

Some other moments from the day

Then the immediate family chilled and opened any extra presents

And a pic of the presents only to show how ridiculously the girls were spoilt, and that I got Seth an Air Rifle…  (don’t ask).

One thought on “Christmas 2010

  1. Looks like it was great fun and very special too having Mia and Ben there 🙂 I am sure the Air rifle is to help Seth target practice for all the boys that are going to come knocking at your door after your beautiful daughters! 😉

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