New Years 2010

After a really lame New Years last year (where we went to sleep at 10pm on purpose) I was kinda glad that we were going to do something more exciting this year, especially cos Mia and Ben are here.  But also not looking forward to it because, no matter what, we have an early morning wake up with the girls.  Mia invited us to supper at the Alfino’s  (the older ones).  As we hadn’t really had much time to prep (cos we were still debating what to do with ourselves this year) the theme was to dress up like another family member.  It’s so funny cos everyone got slightly offended at how other people perceive them but not really.

We got the girls down to sleep relatively quickly, then got dressed.  Then we had lovely snacks outside, followed by a beautiful seafood pasta (even though I don’t really do the actual seafood, the pasta was yummy).  Then we had fillet steak and ribs  which were braaied to perfection by Ma (aka Ben).  Topped off with the most decadent desert ever!  Just before desert Seth went to check on the girls.  Then he disappeared, after a bit of a search, we found him asleep next to Riya.  We left him till 11 when Ben shot him with a BB Gun (don’t worry, half way through his sleep he moved into the lounge so Riya wouldn’t have caught a stray pellet).  By this time he had missed most of 30 Seconds where Ben, Mia, Papa and I were losing against GaMaMa, Romy and Ma.  Even when Seth woke up and joined us we still lost.

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