A Sunday Afternoon At Tokai Forest

After accidentally missing the St James Church Family Braai at Tokai Forest one week prior (due me being so excited to be having things to do that I asked people over instead of realising what day it was), Zoe and Vanessa thought it would be cool if we went and had a braai at Tokai Forest.

I already can’t remember the prices, but I think it was R5 per car and R10 per adult, then R5 per kiddie over 2.  So all in all it only cost our little family R25 which is not too bad considering that you can spend the whole day there.  I always thought that this forest “getaway” was a bit dodgy, but if you don’t mind listening to other peoples music (even though they aren’t allowed to play it) it’s not too bad.

While playing cricket, Seth found a bit of wire and true to form, designed a bear out of it for Kyla!  As you can see she loved it: first fascinated, then showing everyone and then it became a spade (as do most things)…

We each brought something to share (salad, rolls etc) and our own meat so it worked out awesomely!  After lunch an ice cream truck came rolling around with soft serve ice cream and a nice end to a yummy braai.

Besides being covered in little bugs, it was a lovely time.  Although I must say that I always think that I am going to relax and really enjoy these things but my children don’t quite know how that works, or maybe I’m just weird.  I often feel way more stressed after a time out than I do just chilling at home – even though I think I do more at home cos when we are out other people like to hold Riya and play with Kyla (which is awesome!).  I’m looking forward to them getting a bit older and not having to worry about heating bottles in the middle of the forest.

2 thoughts on “A Sunday Afternoon At Tokai Forest

  1. looks like you had fun… i can’t wait to take Eli out for his first picnic… we’re going for supper tonight, so thats one BIG event… should be entertaining.

  2. It looks lovely 🙂 Kyla looks so cute!
    The time when you don’t warm bottles up come very quickly. Soon you won’t have to even take nappies with you **shocked face** 🙂 As much as I can miss some of the cute toddlers things, bottles and nappies…never miss that!! 🙂

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