If You Don’t Mind…

I know I’m about to turn into your worst/most annoying nightmare…  You know…  Those people who ask you to do/vote/like etc something that you wouldn’t necessarily do/vote/like if you didn’t feel obligated to do so because you know them.  I’m going to do it anyway…  Why?  Because I can.

As all mothers do, I think my girls are so flipping gorgeous.  There was a competition and we decided to enter – why the heck not.  If you feel like voting, please feel free:

To view Kyla’s entry click here

To view Riya Ray’s entry click here

Awesome!  Thanks!

5 thoughts on “If You Don’t Mind…

  1. hey – pls remind us all again via FB (and blame it on me!) on Monday. The competition only starts on Sat 4th and many people are away from the computer over the weekend 🙂 I would like to vote but I have a memory like a sieve. So 🙂 Please FB remind me 🙂

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