The Barnyard…. Oooh Look… Birdies!

Quite a while back we decided to take an “off” moment to go to The Barnyard in Tokai.  We had previously seen this place on The Patons photos and had been once when Kyla was about 6 months with The Kooymans and The Ronnes.  Kyla was much too young to really care what was going on, so we thought we would give it another go as she was starting to really notice animals and loves to look at birdies.

Kyla Bell checked out all the animals intently and got greatly distressed when the rabbits in the one cage started fighting with each other (it was hectic though, the one got a whole chunk of fur out of the other one!!)  The victim is the one sitting on the cage on the top right.

La-La Bell spent most of the time with her Dado as Mamo (ok no, that just sounds stupid) as Mama had Ri-Ri who was only a couple of weeks old, in the wrap.

We really enjoyed the time here.  You don’t have to pay to get in and they have a really nice (slightly expensive) restaurant.  I think they also have a section where you can buy all types of plants, but we didn’t really venture there — as you can tell by our current garden we are not really focusing on cultivating our green thumbs yet.

The food is really good and Kyla enjoyed eating quite a few of Dado’s chips.  Plus she was so generous that she started feeding the birds that walk freely around your feet…

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