Kyla is 16 Months!!!

This month has just flown by in a whirl wind of hospital visits, temperatures and vomiting – and that’s just Kyla.

Our poor monkey started the month visiting the emergency ward at Vincent Pallotti for high temps and vomiting, turns out she had her first ear infection.  Most of the vomiting however, is caused by, well, nothing…  Always a vomiter, Kyla has taken it to new levels.  If food has too much texture that is unexpected, if she doesn’t like the taste, if she cries too much or if she feels ill it results in an upchuck of everything she has eaten.  It kinda goes like this:

*Insert either slight gag while eating or incessant crying*

Me – No Kyla! No! Don’t vomit!  (Cos threatening just might work)

Kyla – looking at me, “Ugh, ugh”……….   Blegh!  Out comes breakfast and supper from the previous day – not joking, I can see it!

Me – Have a mild panic attack where my hands go in every direction, but no where at all.  Then try and catch the vomit in my hands to prevent it going all over the freshly cleaned floor (either cos Khaya our domestic helper has just been or because it was just cleaned after the last spurting).  Manage to get a handful, but now realise how stupid this actually was cos where the heck do I put it.

Kyla aptly deals with that problem by grabbing my hands to try and get me to take her out of her chair, nicely distributing the gunk all over her.  I try lift her so as to avoid minimal contact so that we both don’t have to change.  Kyla is not happy with this solution and hugs me like I am about to die – making sure to rub some muck in my hair.  Off we go to the bathroom to try and get the soiled clothes off.  More crying ensues (sometimes from me) while Kyla clings on to me for dear life.  Finally pry clothes of Kyla, wash her all over, get her (and me) dressed and everything in the washing machine and clean the floor, chair, table, mat and anything else that came into contact.

Kyla then carries on like nothing ever happened…

Other than that there have been spurtings of a different kind – 3 new teeth have made an appearance resulting in crazy mood swings and fevers, making a total of 7 teeth.  All the bottom incisors and 3 of the top are finally here.

Kyla has a  few loves:

* Her sister!  She loves to give Riya kisses freely and without cause, but refuses to give us any (except on rare occasions where she full on pouts her lips and walks across the room half smiling half pouting all the way – hilarious!).  I think on the top left pic she is attempting to put Riya’s dummy in and on the right she is giving her a hug.

* Making sure we have shoes on our feet! (Bottom left and right pics)  She will go all the way to the bedroom and return with a pair of shoes – most of the time they even match!  Then, irrelevant if you already decided you liked the ones you have on, you are obligated with moans and points to remove your current shoes and replace them with her chosen pair.

* The thrill of getting a fright or doing something crazy.  Our favourite thing to do in the evening is give frights.  She will wait in the lounge and wave good-bye to me.  I must then manoeuvre around the walls to jump out and scare her.  It is so funny.  She also likes to just fall backwards off beds and expect you to catch her.

* Since I started working from home, Kyla always came to see what I was doing, and then moaned and cried if I tried putting her back down so I can carry on working. This led to me moving from the dining room into my man pad. However, she still comes to give me visits every 10 minutes. Bashing on the keyboard and grabbing all my gadgets. I have grown to love these visits too and get excited when I hear the shuffling of her feet down the passage to me.

Dado has been privileged enough to have had his name said. YEY! Dado is so much cuter in our opinion, so I hope it sticks!  Although that’s the only real improvement on the talking side, Kyla has full on conversations with anyone that will listen and I am sure that I have heard a couple of real words in there.

Constantly on a mission, Kyla is running around the place, making her desires known.  No longer can I cook in peace, Kyla wants to know exactly what is going on.  The bottom left pic is a ritual after finishing her breakfast – pulling that face into the mirror.

We love you our Kyla Monkey.

One thought on “Kyla is 16 Months!!!

  1. These posts will be the greatest treasure in the world for your girls to read when they are older. I’ve missed quite a few with working my arb hours but I’m busy catching up 🙂

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