A Trip To Fish Hoek Beach

Finally we made it down to the beach!  It’s only taken us roughly 2 years to get there again – what can I say, juggling being pregnant, then a new born, then a new born and pregnant is just not conducive to beachness.  However we decided to brave Fish Hoek beach the other day and it was awesome!  My Mom – a.k.a Nana, was on leave and joined us on our little adventure.

First stop was to get the most delicious fish and chips in the world.  Yes – the world!  I don’t know if it really is that great to everyone else or if it’s just because it reminds me of practically growing up in Fish Hoek (between visiting my Granny or staying over with Lindi at the Nel’s I think I might have spent at least a quarter of my life there).  Anyway, it’s the one next to the Pit Stop, I think it’s called Fish Hoek Fish Shop or something equally as creative.  The fish is huge, fresh and devine – highly recommended!!!

Then off to the beach.  After we unloaded the kitchen sink into the pram we found a spot on the windy beach.  Kyla has only set foot in sand once before this and didn’t like it, this time wasn’t much different.  We let her ease into it by sitting on the blanket and by the end of the day we had both her legs buried under a tiny sand castle.

Riya hated pretty much the entire thing.  In her defense it was windy and very bright, but she handled it pretty ok.  Looking gorgeous in her purdy sunhat.

We also had to stop and get ice-cream (which you can see Kyla enjoying above) for our walk along the Cat Walk.  She also had her first experience in one of those moving ride things, she held on for dear life with no smile or any kind of response (top left).

For the Nel’s I took some pics to give you a reason to come and visit 🙂  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “A Trip To Fish Hoek Beach

  1. hi there, thanks for the pics and the MEMORIES…. one never knows when they will end… it has been WONDERFUL to have had you (and Shane) as part of our ‘family’ and no matter where we are … this will always be so. Fish Hoek will always, always be our favourite place in the world and you are right, they do have the best fish and chips in the world… and that beach… only hope we can still spend time there with you and your family… take care, little mother, you are sooo special… all our love to you and Seth, who has proved to be such a lovely person, husband and now, father… God bless your family richly… now and in the future…


    Fiona Mort Love the pics Cindy, makes us feel like we want to be there. Seems like Kyla had fun anyway

    Ashleigh Hegers Aaaah my home beach, love it 🙂 If you guys go again (over a weekend) let me know so I can come say hi. You got some gorgeous pics 🙂

    Dawn Clulow pity she didnt edit the pics a bit better. i look like my brother…… eish

    Gill Nel picasa is so cool, Cindy, you can do so much with the pics… thanks for the memories, Dawn, you look wonderful there… lol. 🙂

    Irene Butler You should be so lucky to look like your youngest brother 🙂 What no beard 🙂

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