Riya Is A Whole 3 Months Old

What an absolute blessing this little girl is!

Current Nicknames:  Ri-Ri, Sister, Frowny Frownensen, Smiley Smilensen, Lippy Lou, Noodle, Noods, Ri, Little pretty monster

From the word go, Riya was always frowning but from 6 weeks she started smiling and now she just can’t stop.  It is just so lovely to go to her crib in the morning and find this little beauty smiling lovingly up at you (I must say that this is a new experience for me as Kyla hardly ever did this).  She will often just break out a gorgeous smile at me just because she feels like it!  It’s awesome!!  Lippy Lou sometimes makes an appearance if she is feeling particularly sorry for herself – her bottom lip just pulls down in the cutest way.

Smiley Smilensen

Riya has blessed us with sleeping through from 7-8 until 6am every single night since she was about 9 weeks old.  She is truly amazing.  If she wakes up at night she is able to go back to sleep without our help and without a dummy.  Ri-Ri doesn’t really like a dummy except to  fall asleep in the beginning or if she is feeling a bit over stimulated during the day.

Unlike Kyla, Riya is able to lie by herself and not cry if we are unable to give her attention.  She keeps herself busy by looking at everything around her or talking to whoever is listening to her.  She loves to have long conversations with anyone that will chat to her.  I picture her as being the one that comes home from school and tells me ALL about her day, where Kyla just breezes past saying that everything is “OK”.

In terms of development Riya is holding her head up super nicely now and really taking everything in.  She is gripping rattles, toys, clothes, hair and pretty much everything that she can get hold of.  Her eyes are an incredible blue colour – much like Kyla’s.  She loves having her hair blow dried and loves being in the bath!

She has also had a couple of firsts this month:

  • First time holding her bottle by herself
  • Holding My Own Bottle

  • First time getting her feet in the pool (absolutely flipping hated it!  Screamed like crazy)
  • First “friend” being born!  Sadie Mia Ronne joined us on 27 October 2010.

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