A Special Thank You

I’ve always known that the Lord has blessed me with an amazing man, but now I want to thank him for everything that he does for us. 😉  Besides being ridiculously good looking he is amazing father and husband.  As the only man in the house you deserve a bit of credit – and no, Spartan (our male labrador) doesn’t count cos he is a pansy.

Thank you first for being an amazing boyfriend  (we just celebrated our 7 year dating anniversary on 21 Sept 2010).  Thank you for always being a gentleman, opening doors for me, insisting that I enter a room first, paying for our dates, sneakily calling me and talking for hours on end, helping me with my homework, buying me spontaneous presents, making my birthdays feel extra special, fetching me from work in Tokai after leaving Tech in Town, putting up with my matchingness and helping me fix it ;), making sure we went to church and so many other things that I took for granted.  It was a very special time!

Then thank you for marrying me!  Now I get to keep you forever!  I’m still shocked that you chose to be stuck with me!  Moving in together really opened up my eyes as to how much you really love me.  We both knew that I was not the tidiest person in the whole world and it was blindingly evident in our tiny bachelor flat.  I completely took for granted how you washed up, cleaned up after me, put up with Avo on toast for supper more regularly than you should have (I know, I know… I’m a terrible wife).  You even packed away my clothes cos I just didn’t…  Thank you for being an understanding, Godly head of our home that will listen to my point of view before making a decision.  I love that we are able to talk about everything, no matter what it is!  The fact that we can share a bank account and really not care whose money is whose or whatever is so amazing to me, I never thought I would trust anyone as much.  It is awesome to be able to do that with you.  Thank you for spoiling me on so many different levels by continuing your awesomness as a boyfriend into our marriage – you didn’t stop now that “you had me” as the saying goes.  Thank you for the presents, love, support and doing everything you should as a husband and then so much extra on top of that.

All those things that you did are nothing in comparison to how you looked after me when I was pregnant (both times).  Thank you for the back and foot massages whenever I asked for them, getting things for me when I didn’t feel like getting up and even when I would have gotten up, making sure any cravings I had were met – even if it meant Häagen-Dazs ice cream or Mac Donalds (shock horror! Don’t worry I only had it a couple of times).

The most important thing that I want to thank you for is for being such an amazing father to our daughters.  When I was pregnant with Riya you would get up for Kyla every single time she cried (which was often) so that I could get as much sleep as possible.  Not to mention doing the bed time routine almost every single night (bath, bottle, bed – and that often took many, many hours as Kyla was going through a “phase”) as well as the morning routine (getting her up, bottle, changing her nappy and clothes for the day – often choosing “interesting” outfits) and then going to work a full day!  Even now that I can do everything you are still as involved as before in both of their lives.  I am so grateful that they have such a hands on Daddy that so clearly loves them so much.

I can’t seem to remember everything that you do for me and our beautiful kiddies on a daily basis and that just shows me how much I take you for granted.  I love you Seth, so deeply that my heart swells when I think of you and I often still get butterflies when we go on special dates.  I am so proud to call you my husband and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!  I can’t even put into to words how much I love you or how awesome you are – this post just isn’t doing you justice!  You are absolutely amazing!!!

3 thoughts on “A Special Thank You

  1. this is so special its making me cry!

    isn’t it amazing how much more you fall in love with your husband seeing them grow into a daddy!
    (and they get hotter as well!)

  2. Oh wow. Most people search wildly for a love like this. So many think they’ve found it, but they really haven’t because they’re with someone God didn’t intend them to be with or ignore God’s voice to find their own fulfillment. Your love and lives show what happens when you listen to what God knows is best. I can’t wait for my roomie to get home so I can read this to her.
    PS. Sorry for totally attacking all your blogs today. Haha! 😉

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