Kyla, What Are You Doing?

As a parent you know you need to worry when suddenly everything goes silent.  Why?  Because if they are quiet, they are either getting up to mischief that results in tears or they are lying cold on the floor.  In our case, Kyla is never still and hardly ever silent.  If it’s not noises coming out of her mouth, it is banging of toys, or the scraping of the plastic wheels of her walker, or it’s the dogs tails wagging against the wall at the attention that they are getting.

Yesterday I was busy making breakfast and Kyla Bella was running around with her walker – which is now a normal part of life, scary how she has reached this stage so quickly.  Anyway, suddenly it all went quiet and neither Seth nor I could see her from our vantage points (me in the kitchen, Seth at the dining room table).  Concerned, I walk to where I last heard noise and what did I find…

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Kyla drawing beautifully on her blackboard wall!  Budding artist – just like her Dada, although she looks like she is currently a bit of an “abstract” artist (like her Mama).  🙂

(If you think it looks like these were taken at different times it’s because Kyla is actually a master clothes and time transporter.  Ok she’s not, but she does like her new hobby of drawing on the wall, so these were taken yesterday and some today.)

5 thoughts on “Kyla, What Are You Doing?

  1. thats brilliant! i think we should convert the one door into a blackboard… I can see Elijah drawing on the walls (I did it myself)… so maybe a blackboard would be a better idea…

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