Potty Training – Part 1

So it has begun. I am kind of dreading this new phase but also really looking forward to it at the same time.

It only the very beginning phase, in the last couple of days when Kyla has done a poo she now points to her nappy and then to her changing table – whether she is in her room or the lounge. This afternoon she pointed at her nappy and then pointed to her room. She the proceeded to get her walker and walked to her room to be changed!

I know the process is long and there will be many pools of wee on the floor and wet beds, but the sooner we can have at least one out of nappies – the better!

3 thoughts on “Potty Training – Part 1

  1. oh by the by -something you changed on your blog is now making it not show the whole post in my reader… and since i read a million blogs per day, its useful if i can see the whole post. Maybe just try change that – for us blogaholics who use Google reader šŸ˜‰

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