For my girls

So it’s been a long time coming, but I have finally given into the latest trend of blogging! Many will argue it’s not so new, but I thrive on being slightly delayed with the ever changing cyber world. I really never thought I’d have the time or motivation to upload the on-goings of my life, in expectance of people caring about it. However, after some thought and being persuaded by my wife, I agree it is the best place to keep a record for us and the children, to look back on in later years. Way more successful than a buried shoebox in the back garden.

So to start off my blogging escapades I have decided to write to/about what is most important to me. It would be an absolute shame if something had to happen and I left my girls with vague memories and so my wife has something up here to remember how much I adore her. So here we go!

I would like to make it clear that everything I have in this world is from my heavenly Father and His unconditional love for me. He gave me a set of parents who reflect this love so perfectly that I would be a fool not to mimic it for my children. I have not experienced any greater joy in this life than being blessed with the 3 greatest creations – Cindy, Kyla and Riya.

My children have given me a taste of the feeling of the love that God has for me. Kyla and Riya, I love you with every bit of my heart and soul. The last year has been a complete cliche, in that I solely and fully believe it’s been the best year of my life. Without a doubt it was a major challege to change from immature and selfish to responsible and sacrificing. After all, if we want to honor our Father, these trates are what we are to pursue. What a test it was the first week of being a dad. Getting up in the middle of the ice cold evenings to wash and serilize bottles, feeding and burping,  only getting back to sleep in 2 hours, after passing you on to your mom. It’s almost ludicrous to think that looking back it was an absolute pleasure, but it definitely was. The Lord grew and is still growing my heart to love you guys more each day.

Having two kids a year apart at this age is not easy and most people think your mother and I are wasting our lives, by getting married and settling down. What a bunch of idiots! I can truly say, that my life became worth it when you guys came into it.

Kyla, my first beautiful daughter. You were the first one that gave me the irreplaceable gift of being a father. You are MY little girl and will always be. The joy you bring into my life every day is something I can’t go without. Your smile, hugs and kisses make me forget any struggle or hardship. You are growing up way to quickly and I can only pray that I keep up and become the father that will keep you happy, keep you safe and give you everything you need.

Riya, though still little, windy, sweaky and tired, you have shown me that there are no bounds to the amount of love I can give. I wait in utter anticipation to hear you laugh, see you play and show affection. As you sleep on my chest while I write this, I can think of no greater place to be.

Then to my darling wife. You have became bounds more attractive as a mother. Something I was sure was a complete impossibility. You have slipped into motherhood beautifully and gracefully and I love you so much more for it. I know the struggles and obstacles you have faced, and love you more for the grace and godly perseverance in which you have overcome them. Loving you and building a family with you is what I was meant to do, and can only pray that I make you and the kids proud. I also pray that if I only have you until we reach glory, that we will make the most of each other.

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As soppy as this is for anyone else who has bothered to read it through, I hope that it will show that getting married and having kids is not something to fear. If your heart and faith is in the right place, nothing can be greater than this.

5 thoughts on “For my girls

  1. This was amazing to read. I’m so happy that Cindy has found someone who treats her the way she deserves to be treated. God Bless you and your growing family 🙂

  2. Love this post…its all so true…I watch friends now who dont have babies and I wonder how I was ever like them because I couldnt imagine a life without my children. Likewise with getting married, there seems to be a fear going around, but what they dont understand is that love is a beautiful thing to share with someone! I wouldnt ask for it any other way!Thank you for this poignant reminder of the amazing blessing we have each day!

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