The Day Walker…

Yes, I know I have stolen the title from Trevor Noah’s comedy show, but that’s how I role.  Seth also just reminded me that this is what they call Blade!  But don’t worry our daughter isn’t a vampire.  She wouldn’t be very efficient with only one tooth.

Kyla has been cruising for many a month now.  Moving around the room on the walls, couches etc.  We thought walking would happen shortly after she started crawling as this is what everyone said, but this was not the case.  She started crawling just before 7 months and she is now a year and 2 months (almost).

In anticipation of the imminent walking period, we purchased a walker that she can push around to get into the motions of walking.  We got it around 10 months.  However the first time she tried it, she over balanced and fell on her back.  Needless to say it was now “naughty” and she wanted nothing to do with it.  A couple of months ago her memory must have faded and she started diligently with her walker.

About a month or so ago she started standing on her own, unsupported for more than just a couple of seconds – break through!  Then around a week ago I put her standing a couple of her tiny steps away from me and she “walked”  to me by just falling with a bit of co-ordination and momentum.  Very exciting!

Then 2 days ago, we tried the same thing again, but this time she started walking and balancing herself between her steps!!!  AWESOME!  Now she is doing about 5-6 steps!

She is so cute though, as you have to stand her up and make sure that she is balanced.  Then sit a couple of feet away.  She walks to us and then on the last step falls into our arms looking all shy and beautiful!!  Then she claps for herself!  Too gorgeous.

I have a video, but the format is not compatible with whatever you can load onto here, so I’ll put up some pics instead.

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10 thoughts on “The Day Walker…

  1. Love the background too! And Well done to Kyla!!! In the one pic it looks as though she is running with the walker! 🙂 Can’t wait to see her walking! xx

  2. Love the blog Cindy and Seth
    Well done Kyla for taking your first steps – soon you will be speed walking/wobbling like Sarah !!!
    Sarah also loves her walker and is using a wooden one which a good friend gave to us before she moved overseas.
    Take care

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