So this is blogging…

While putting Kyla to sleep, I have often sat and thought about everything I want to say to her.  I know it’s a depro thought, but I always imagine dying and not having told her all the things that I have learned from experience and other people’s too.  There are things I want to say to her about her matric dance, first boyfriend (and last – as Seth or I may kill them all) and especially her wedding (although that may not happen due to reasons stated previously).  I have tried to write it all out, but as usual I kinda gave up.  Now, as we welcome Riya-Ray into the world it is even more essential for me to write evrything down so that I wont forget what it was all like.  They may not take any of it seriously anytime soon, but I hope that eventually they will think that the cliche is actually true – your parents might actually know something. 🙂

Therefore this blog is not only going to be about my kids, but about our lives apart and together as a whole.  Things we have learnt in the past and things we will learn in the future, mixed with our everyday lives and memories that we want to keep remembering forever.

If you have chosen to follow this blog or are reading it because you feel sorry for me, please know that I am not the best of writers and that often when I spell check my  own stuff I never notice the mistakes.  Please be gracious.

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6 thoughts on “So this is blogging…

  1. glad to see you finally joined the blogging world!i like your idea of using it to record stuff you want the girls to know…maybe i need to start a 4th blog for something similar for this boy…We’ll see.Keep blogging and dont be afraid of people who comment and of being honest 🙂 enjoy

  2. Enjoy what you blog but don’t forget that unless you restrict access, all of your photos and info will be public. There are ways to block this.

    • Its a lot harder to find people’s blogs than we think…Trust me,I’ve been doing this for a while.Also, unless you tag your photos,they don’t really show up any easier than your facebook ones would.

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